GEMS Motor provides custom fractional horse power motors for OEM

PMDC Motor: A Motor to Meet Your Medical Diagnostic System Need

A permanent magnet DC motor is useful for different applications in various industries, especially in the medical diagnostic field. In fact, it is a crucial component in tomographic systems, X-rays, and pumping equipment. PMDC motors are preferred for their robust motion control and efficient power transmission, both of which may be essential in a wide range of applications. The DC motor itself may be compact, but its speed varies greatly, and it is compatible with many kinds of power sources. Moreover, it is safe to use with low voltage equipment.

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NEMA Hybrid Stepper Motors: A Motor for All Your Automation Needs

The automation aspect of certain types of systems and equipment will depend on the type of stepper motor that you use. NEMA hybrid stepper motors are recommended if you want a versatile stepper motor that can work with most industrial automation requirements. The technology behind NEMA stepper motors, like the NEMA 23, is far advanced because of its precision and high-torque design.

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