GEMS Motor provides custom fractional horse power motors for OEM

Replace Your Current Electric Motor with Custom Designed Motor

One of the most important components of properly functioning equipment is good electric motor design. All of the manufacturing industry relies on efficient designs of components for products to run properly. If the current electric motor design for your original equipment has room for improvement or simply isn’t meeting your expectations, replacing it with custom designed electric motor is a viable solution to ensure maximization of end results. Outsourcing custom designed motors offers a wide range of benefits for companies:

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PSC Motor: A Motor to Meet Your Variable Torque Requirements

Compact, and highly efficient motor, widely used for applications where the starting torque requirement is 100 per cent or less of the machine’s or device’s full load. It allows for very smooth acceleration, featuring a run and start winding with a capacitor that is connected in series. Both the start and run windings are energized once the motor starts running. No switch is also required to take any one component out of the circuit.

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