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A Motor to Meet All your Industrial Applications: NEMA 42 Stepper Motors

NEMA 42 stepper motor is the largest stepper motor of the stepper motor family. This is known to be the finest type of stepper motor. It has the unique features of both, permanent and variable reluctance motor. It is an electronically driven motor, and it is used in the robotics industry and many other industries. The stepper motor is mainly used in the applications where precise and efficient motion control is required whether the motion is linear or rotational. In case of rotational motion, when it receives digital pulses in an accurate sequence it allows the shaft of the stepper motor to rotate in discrete step increments.

Industrial Applications of NEMA 42 Stepper Motor:

Robotics Industry:

NEMA 42 stepper motor is widely used in the field of robotics as it provides high torque and has the quality to work for precise control. Nowadays as the world is getting dependable on the technology robotics industry has got a great chance to grow. The growing field of robotics is partially dependable of NEMA 42 stepper motor for their growth, as it is the best electrical motor to be used for the robotics applications.

CNC Industries:

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) industries are those who manufactures CNC equipment like CNC routers, CNC milling machine, and various other CNC products. These equipment are computer controlled devices that are used for cutting applications. These applications also require precise control and hence NEMA 42 Stepper motor is highly preferred electrical motors for CNC applications.

3-D Printing or Rapid Prototyping Industries:

3-D printers requires precise control and accuracy for their operation and hence these type of printers use NEMA 42 Stepper motors. These motor provide a high level of precision because of the direct relationship between the rotation angle and the input pulse. They can be paused, and the direction of rotation can be reversed with a great precision, making the NEMA 42 Stepper motor an excellent component to be used for rapid prototyping applications.

The above paragraphs clearly explains that the NEMA 42 Stepper motors finds a wide application in the fields where precision and accuracy is required.

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