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PMDC Motor: A Motor to Meet Your Medical Diagnostic System Need

A permanent magnet DC motor is useful for different applications in various industries, especially in the medical diagnostic field. In fact, it is a crucial component in tomographic systems, X-rays, and pumping equipment. PMDC motors are preferred for their robust motion control and efficient power transmission, both of which may be essential in a wide range of applications. The DC motor itself may be compact, but its speed varies greatly, and it is compatible with many kinds of power sources. Moreover, it is safe to use with low voltage equipment.

PMDC motors are recommended when you need a part that can provide high torque at low level speeds. This is due to their linear speed-torque curve, which performs well for applications that require a below 500 rpm motor. Hence, they are preferred over conventional gear motors, especially when used in medical diagnostic systems. They have certain characteristics that make them versatile for the improvement and automation of certain medical equipment, too, like artificial heart motors, dentist drills, and electric wheelchairs.

These motors do not rely on electric energy to sustain a magnetic field, so they are considered more efficient and easier to apply to various medical diagnostic systems. PMDC motors do not require regular maintenance, and their compact size allows them to be versatile across various types of medical diagnostics equipment. A higher magnetic flux density in the motor’s air gap enhances the performance of PMDC motors, making them further efficient and reliable than other motors.

A PMDC motor is considered lighter than other motors, too. This is because it uses permanent magnets instead of field windings, which are typical in wound DC motors. It is also for this reason that the PMDC motor is capable of running more efficiently than other options. You can order PMDC motors online. Some manufacturers can customize a permanent magnet DC motor to suit your special requirements, too.

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