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PSC Motor: A Motor to Meet Your Variable Torque Requirements

Compact, and highly efficient motor, widely used for applications where the starting torque requirement is 100 per cent or less of the machine’s or device’s full load. It allows for very smooth acceleration, featuring a run and start winding with a capacitor that is connected in series. Both the start and run windings are energized once the motor starts running. No switch is also required to take any one component out of the circuit.

A general-purpose PSC motor can be used for a wide variety of applications. Among its major advantages is its ability to operate at different speeds by simply allowing high levels of slip. Some common applications for PSC motors include blowers and fans, coolers, air conditioners, unit heaters, furnaces, dehumidifiers, roof ventilators, garage door openers, and many other systems that only require a low starting current and torque.

A permanent split capacitor is a variation of an induction motor that is capacitor-run, which means it uses a high-voltage capacitor, which interrupts power in order to start winding. Unlike split-phase motors, PSCs don’t require a physical break in its power connection.  Instead, it makes use of a capacitor that has enough capacitance for the CEMF or counter electromotive force (black voltage) to prevent voltage flow across the capacitor plates.

In Europe and the majority of the world, PSCs are the dominant type of spilt-phase induction motors. However, they are only most frequently used in devices with variable torque applications in North America. These include machines and devices like pumps, fans, blowers, and other electronics where variable speeds and torque are desired. PSC motors have the capacity to operate within a large array of speeds, including speeds that are much lower than the motor’s actual electrical speed.

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