NEMA 11 Stepper Motor

  • Holding torque: 8.5 ~ 18.6 Oz-in ; 0.06 ~0.13 N.m
  • 1.8° Step angle +- 5%
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C
  • Bipolar 4 wires & Unipolar 6 wires
  • Optional: encoders, planetary gearbox, linear stepper, IP65, double shaft, custom shaft and mounting flange.

NEMA 11 frame (28mm square) bipolar stepping motor is next bigger size than NEMA 8 stepper motor. Its highly compact motor design is ideal for the application where both cost and size are important factors. Our high quality NEMA 11 stepper motor can provide a wide range of rotation speeds. GEMS offer NEMA 11 planetary gearbox to integrated with our GM28BYG series motors. NEMA 11 linear stepper motor is also available with built-in lead screw in place of normal output shaft. NEMA 11 stepper motors are generally used in medical instrument, robotics etc.

NEMA 11, 1.8° 28mm Stepper Motor

ModelHolding TorqueHolding TorquePhase ResistancePhase CurrentPhase InductanceRotor Inertia# of Lead WiresWeightLength L

Dimensions (mm)