NEMA 34 90mm Big Torque Brushless DC Motor - 8 Poles

Gearbox and encoder may be fitted as required
12 volt 24volt 48 volt 310 volt, 1000rpm 3000rpm,
0.5 N.m ~ 2.5 N.m ( 70 ~ 355, 90W ~ 785W


General Specifications 
Winding connectionStar / WYE
Hall effect angle120 degree electrical angle
Radial play0.02mm@450g
End play0.08mm@450g
Max. radial force220N @ 20mm from the flange
Max. axial force60N
Insulation classClass B
Dielectric strength500VDC for one minute
Insulation resistance100MΩ min., 500VDC

Model GM90S-681230GM90S-75A30GM90S-88C10GM90S-88C30GM90S-108C10GM90S-108C30GM90S-136E10GM90S-136E30
Number of pole8 pole
Number of phase3 phase
Rated voltageVolt122448484848310310
Rated speedRPM30003000100030001000300010003000
Continuous stall torqueOz-in85114142142270270425425
Rated torqueOz-in71100121121241241355355
Rotor powerWatt15722089267178534262785
Peak torqueOz-in21330036136172272210621062
Peak currentA50.4357.921.416.942.849.7
Back E.M.FV/KRPM3.153.1534.312.63212.620081.5
Rotor inertiakg.c㎡
Body lengthmm68758888108108136136

Dimensions (mm)

GM90BLF 90mm brushless DC motor drawing

Wiring Diagram