BLDC Motor with Built-in Speed Controller

By combining the brushless dc motor and speed controller into a single compact, streamline package, GEMS provides this space-saving design that minimizes the wirings and eliminates the motor- driver compatibility issues. These motors with integrated controllers also save on cost over separate motor and controller electronics. Due to the simiplicity of wiring, these driver integrated brushless motors are perfect options for the customers who are looking to replace their brushed motors with brushless ones in their products.

IP65 rated motors are available for the wet and dusty environment. All the motors can be custom designed to match with your power source and the needed rated RPM. A wide range of planetary and spur brushless motor gearboxes can be mounted on GM57BLYI series motors for high torque and low speed applications.

NEMA 23 57mm Brushless DC Motor with Integrated Speed Controller

All models can be custom designed for 12V or 24V power supply, and the rated speed can be designed to be any number between 1000 rpm and 6000 rpm.

NEMA 23-Round-Brushless-DC Motor-4-poles-57mm-Diameter

GM57BLYI brushless dc motor with integrated driver

General Specifications 
Winding connectionStar / WYE
Hall effect angle120 degree electrical angle
Radial play0.02mm@450g
End play0.02mm@450g
Insulation classClass B
Dielectric strength500VDC for one minute
Insulation resistance100MΩ min., 500VDC
Model GM57BLYI45-230GM57BLYI55-230GM57BLYI75-230GM57BLYI45-130GM57BLYI55-130
Number of pole4 Poles
Number of phase3 Phase
Rated voltageVolt2424241212
Rated speedRPM30003000300030003000
Rated torqueOz-in81632816
Rated currentA1.
Power outputWatt1735701735
Peak torqueOz-in2448962448
Peak currentA3.487.214.47.514
Back E.M.FV/KRPM3.
Rotor inertiag.c㎡32751193242
Body lengthmm6575956575

Dimensions (mm)

Square Flange or Round Flange

GM57BLYI NEMA 23 57mm driver integrated motor 12V 24V less than 100 watts
Wiring Instructions

Red:       +24V

Black:     GND

Blue:       PWM or 0-5V Speed Control  (Optional)

Brown:    Clockwise / Couter-clockwise  (Optional)

White:     Brake (optional)

Yellow:     Speed pulse out, 12 pulse per revolution  (optional)


NEMA 34 86mm Brushless DC Motor with Integrated Speed Controller

Model GM86BLFI
Number of pole8 Pole
Number of phase3 Phase
Rated voltageVolt484848484848
Rated speedRPM300030003000100030001500
Rated torqueOz-in60136183229229350
Rated currentA4.38104.51311
Rated powerWatt130300400170500370
Peak torqueOz-in1804085506866861000
Rotor inertiakg.c㎡
Body length Lmm75+4090+40105+40115+40115+40145+40

Dimensions (mm)

GM86BLFI driver integrated brushless DC motors
NEMA 34 24V 36V 48V brushless dc motor drawing

Wiring Instructions