NEMA 8 Stepper Motor

  • Holding torque: 2.6 ~ 5.7 Oz-in ; 0.018 ~0.04 N.m
  • 1.8° Step angle +- 5%
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C
  • Bipolar 4 wires & Unipolar 6 wires
  • Optional: encoders, planetary gearbox, linear stepper, IP65, double shaft, custom shaft and mounting flange.


NEMA 8 frame (20mm square) is the smallest size of hybrid stepper motor that GEMS carry. GEMS supply NEMA 8 stepper motor with 1.8 degree step angle and a weight of only 50g. We customize the winding to perfectly match your voltage and current. Our 20HS models have both single and double shaft versions, and are able to provided up to 3.6 Oz-in / 0.025 Nm holding torque with only 42mm motor body length. Integrated NEMA 8 planetary gearbox and custom lead screw are also available for this size of motor. GEMS’s super compact motor design is the best choice for the application where there is no room for a regular stepper motor to fit in. The possible application of NEMA 8 stepper motor is printer, robotics, high speed cameras etc.

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NEMA 8, 1.8° 20mm Stepper Motor

ModelHolding TorqueHolding TorquePhase ResistancePhase CurrentPhase InductanceRotor Inertia# of Lead WiresWeightLength L

Dimensions (mm)NEMA-8-1.8°-20mm-GM20BYG-Stepper-Motor-drawing

NEMA8 stepper wiring


NEMA 8 stepper motor torque speed curve