About GEMS Motor

GEMS MOTOR is a leading supplier of small electric motors for a variety of industry applications, ranging anywhere from small stepper motors for automation to NEMA 56 AC motors for HVAC. Our dedicated team provides on time answers to serve your motor design needs. We focus on delivering optimal solutions for our customers through application and engineering support, and by ensuring quality manufacturing processes and standards.

GEMS motors are typically purchased as OEM solutions by manufacturing companies or as aftermarket solutions and replacement parts for motor distributors.

Customers can select from the large variety of preexisting motors developed by GEMS including but not limited to:
Brushless DC Motors
NEMA Size Stepper Motors
Linear Stepper Motors
Geared Stepper Motors
C-frame Shaded Pole Motors
Permanent Split Capacitor Motors

Alternatively, GEMS can use customer supplied specifications and drawings to build custom motors or reverse engineer preexisting motors.  The GEMS Product Page provides more detailed information regarding available motors and services.

The GEMS Advantage:

Global Motor Manufacturing and Sourcing

Whether built in our China factory, or from elsewhere within our manufacturing network, we have boots on the ground overseas to reduce your supply chain costs while guaranteeing quality requirements are met or exceeded. 

Motor Design for OEM

GEMS provides engineering and design services for OEM customers to develop custom small electric motors based on their specific application requirements.

Value Added Services

We offer custom connectors, controllers, and assemblies installed at our factory to get you closer to a finished product and to help minimize your total costs.