GEMS Motor provides custom electric motor solutions for OEM

PSC Motors, Brushed & Brushless DC Motor Specialist

Global Electric Motor Solutions (GEMS) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of small AC and DC motors for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. GEMS's comprehensive range of product lines include Stepper, Brushless DC, Brushed DC, PSC and shaded pole motors.

Our team of engineers design our products to meet clients specific needs-then we manufacture at our owned factory in Changzhou, China, enabling us to control production and maintain high standard quality control.

To provide complete motor solutions, we also have contracted manufacturing partners in China that specialize in motor components, gearboxes, assemblies and castings. Learn more

AC Fan Motor (HVAC)

permanent split capacitor motor, psc motors, NEMA 3.3 48 56, air purifier fan motor Small 3 phase motors, NEMA 48,56 frame for fan and blowers
 Small squirrel cage fans and centrifugal blowers driven by h shaded pole and PSC 3.3 motors

Stepper Motor

Hybrid Stepper Motor

Linear Stepper Motor

Geared Stepper Motor

PM Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor Driver

NEMA 17 23 34 42 12V 24V stepper motors, high torque up to 2700 oz-in Linear stepper motor with high quality threaded shaft Geared Stepper Motor with Planetary and Spur Gearboxes PM Stepper Motor 3.6 degree to 18 degree  hybrid stepper motor driver

Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor

Brushed DC (PMDC) Motor

Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor

Brushless DC Gear Motor

Brushed DC (PMDC) Motor

Brushed DC Gear Motor

12V 24V 48V high torque brushless DC motors 12v 24v 48v brushless dc gear motors with planetary and spur gearboxes    12v 24v 36v 48v brushed dc, pmdc motor, permanent magnet dc motor Geared brushed dc motor with spur, planetary, worm gearbox  

Small AC Motors

AC Gear Motor

AC Servo Motor

   AC gear motors with planetary, spur and worm gearboxes   AC Servo Motor, 220v & 380V   

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